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Golf app subscription or Garmin Approach


Trying to decide which I should get, I currently use the free version of SwingU on the course and I'm considering getting the subscription or get a device similar to the Garmin Approach S12. What are your experiences like between the 2?

I'm considering the long-term cost of both. The subscription offers some features such as "plays like" with wind calculations, for $60 annually. The Garmin Approach has a flat cost of $200, I figure the life of this device might be about 2-3 years. Also, I can't find if the Garmin Approach requires a subscription at all, or if it includes the "plays like" feature, calculating wind speeds.

  • Hello, the S12 does not require a subscription to use, and the Golf app you would use with it is free. It does not come with the PlaysLike Distance feature or the ability to calculate wind speeds like some of our higher end golf watches.