R10 does not detect slow backswings.

Iron detect 100% of shots, while driver detect only 10% of shots.The cause is due to a slow backswing only during the driver.Could you please improve this issue in the next version up 4.4?

  • Typically the speed of the backswing is not going to result in shots not becoming detected, but there are some important factors to consider in determining potential reasons some swings are not getting detected...while other shots are recording. 

    Depending on whether you are using the R10 indoors vs outdoors...there are some spatial considerations required and environmental factors that should also be considered that may interfere with the shot detection...especially when hitting with clubs that have a lower initial launch angle, like a driver. 

    Please consider the following as outlined below: 

    • Maximize the space between your shot location to the target location (if using indoors) to allow as much ball flight as possible. This will allow much more shot information to be captured from impact to the screen/net the ball is stopping into. 
    • The minimum space needed is 8ft from the shot location to the target. 
    • Distance between the Approach R10 to the shot location needs to be at least 6ft and at most 7ft behind the ball. 
    • Ensure an iPad is not being used for the pairing to the Garmin Golf app > Ensure the Garmin Golf app is paired to a mobile device that meets the requirements outlined on the Garmin Support page linked here: Garmin Golf App Minimum Device Software Requirements
    • Indoor and outdoor setup recommendations can be reviewed in detail through the support page here: Tips for Indoor or Outdoor Approach R10 Placement
    • Ensure no objects are physically located immediately next to the Approach R10, and along 4ft to the left and right of the shot line, going through the target location. Remove any heat sources, reflective or metallic surfaces along the path as well in the direction the Approach R10 is facing. 
    • Review the in-depth recommendations outlined on the Garmin Support page linked here: Troubleshooting Radar Features of the Approach R10