Unable to calibrate

Hello, just got the approach r10 and I've been trying to calibrate the device for the past hour.

Every time I hit Calibrate I receive the following error:

"Calibration Unsuccessful, Make sure the Approach R10 is powered on, connected to the Garmin Golf app and places on a flat, level surface before trying again".

I've tried resyncing the device to the app and I am still encountering this issue.

Has anyone been able to successful get past this?

  • The device when unboxed is calibrated by the factory and should not need an immediate calibration upon setting the device for use for the first time. 

    Can you confirm the answers to the following questions:

    • if there is a reason you are attempting to already perform a calibration upon having recently using the R10 at the time this post was created? 
    • Are you attempting to use the Approach R10 indoors, or outdoors? 
    • Is the Approach securely attached to the tripod stand, and are you using any 3rd party accessories with the device hardware? 
    • Have you followed all of the setup requirements outlined on the Garmin Support page linked here? Tips for Indoor or Outdoor Approach R10 Placement
    • Have you tested the surface you are setting the R10 onto with a level? 
    • Is the Approach R10 paired through the Garmin Golf app on an iPad? ...as tablet devices are not compatible with the Garmin Golf app for use with the Approach R10. Ensure the compatibility requirements are met as outlined on the Garmin Support page linked here: Garmin Golf App Minimum Device Software Requirements