Are you drunk R10? Can't stay awake between each shot?

SOOOO glad I use GSPro instead of this garbage Garmin golf app.. Been a user since it started and it's only gotten worse.

First off, without fail the garmin golf app goes to sleep between *almost* ever shot!  I'm a FAST player. Extremely frustrating.  GSPro (not supported) middleware keeps it "awake". must not be that hard to do...

How do I do it using Garmin r10 connected to the Garmin App... All garmin??

  • The R10 needs to be calibrated on a steady surface following the recommendations outlined below: 

    1. Open the Garmin Golf app.
    2. Select   (Android) or More (iOS).
    3. Select Garmin Devices.
    4. Select your Approach R10.
    5. Select Calibrate.
      A calibration needs to be done with the Approach R10 on a level surface measured by a leveling tool. Common floors and tables are not always level. If the calibration is done improperly, the calibration could fail or make the Approach R10 less accurate.

    Example of the Approach R10 with Leveling Tool

    • Select Calibrate.
    • Select Done.
  • Only happens on the Garmin Golf app...

  • Yes, and the steps above should be performed to calibrate, as sim sessions through the Garmin Golf app are formatted differently than through 3rd party compatible platforms. The other platforms are not formatted to alert the user if the R10 is not on a level surface. 

    Otherwise, the concern could also be occurring due to other environmental factors with where the R10 is setup. You should also ensure the Garmin Golf app is up to date, installed directly from the Google Play Store/iOS App Store, and is installed to a compatible device

    If you continue to have concerns, contact Garmin Support so more info can be gathered by an expert to help further determine what could be causing the concern.