Garmin R10 / App in range sessions consistently showing opposite curves to actual curves - why?

In today's Range session (2 different Drivers) I noticed once more that my R10 almost everytime reads opposite curves as what I see IRL.
I have seen this in every range session as well as sim session I have done since I stated using the device 2 months ago...
I am starting to loose trust/confidence in any data because of that.
When I see a slight draw IRL, Garmin App shows a huge fade/slice and opposite, as in almost every single time. I know it can't really read sidespin, but this bad has me worried that it is really not a good device... Any other takers on this. Any experience similar or how to correct/remedy?
I, of course, has the R10 aligned, calibrated and measured for distance ball to R10 (2,4 m). Carry distances seemed fairly accurate, but curves definitely not...Of 56 shots 10 registered curves correctly... Really annoying.
what can I do? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  • There is likely an issue with spacing or environmental factor affecting the shot. 

    Please reference info on the Garmin Article linked here to asses possible solutions/causes: Troubleshooting Radar Features of the Approach R10

    If you continue to have concerns, it would best to reach out to Garmin Support to discuss the concerns with an expert, so they can review your setup, and ask additional questions to pinpoint what specifically is the cause. 

  • Thank you for the feedback - what do you mean spacing? I had exactly 8,0 feet from R10 to ball - and then 350 yards of range :-). I was alone on the range. R10 was on a 3d printed levelling stand in a booth. Underneath are 5x5 concrete tiles

  • Spacing from the R10 behind the shot location > To the shot location > From the shot location > To the Target location. There needs to be a straight line from one point to another from R10 > Shot location > Target location. 

    Make adjustments to the spacing of where the R10 is located, ensure it is not sitting on concrete, or with other reflective surfaces like golf clubs not being actively used, etc that could affect the radar capture in the radar field of view. 

    Regarding your reply, I did not have that info in your initial inquiry (so going off of the initial info in my first response). Contacting support will yield in more information being gathered through a live back and forth conversation in real time, allowing setup attachments to be requested, etc. 

  • Is this mostly on drivers?

    The R10 has a problem with gear effect, like most/all radar only based units.

    So if You hit a toe shot, in real life the ball will start right and spin left.

    In R10 world it will start right and continue right.

    Try to find out where Your clubface hits the ball (tape/spray), as toe/heel hits will give Your R10 issues.

    Alignment You can check with irons as gear effect there will be way less.