Public APIs for downloading my R10 data

In my Garmin app, I can see I can now download that data to whatever device I choose but I'm wondering if there are any plans for Garmin to make this API public?

This way I could automate a lot of the effort that goes into analyzing my data and it would mean my R10 is essentially irreplaceable.

  • If You mean the export solution, that is basically a text string with the data (csv).

    This You can import into excel and analyze it there, but there is a better solution:

    Search in google for Golf Shot Analytics (by Mark Overmars), and You will find a free program to do exactly what You're looking for.

    Windows only though. 

  • A few of us are having problems importing, getting an error message saying invalid format. My files from 9/20 and earlier work fine, everything since fails. I’ve looked at the files and can’t see any difference in format. A mystery, for sure…