How need I interpretate the numbers as a leftie?

Is it correct that I just need to reverse some of the numbers? Which are they? Face angle, club path and also the Side/Carry total or more?

What does the  "R" and the "L" mean for a leftie e.g. club path 3,2°R or face angle 2.5°L. I just know the plus and the minus from the Trackman.

  • Doesen't really matter if You're a leftie regarding numbers.

    The unit measures the club relative to the ball, so a club path 3,2R means that the club path is 3,2 degrees right.

    The differenve is that for a right hand player this means an inside to out path, while for You it means an outside to in path.

    Spin axis in both cases will most likely be left (depending a bit on club face angle relative to path), and a draw for a right hand player while a fade for a left hand player.

    Side, carry, total, all the same. The unit does not care and carry / total numbers will be the same, and left / right of target are still left / right of target.

  • Thanks a lot odd tore Does this also mean that the face angle is closed if the number is combined with an R and open with an L?

  • Normally yes, but face angle should be seen in correlation with club path.

    So if Your club path is lets say 3R (outside to in for a leftie), and your face angle is 2R, this means Your face actually is slightly open, and ball will spin left.

    The ball will start 2 degrees to Right (face angle), but should spin left as Your face is open ralative to club path.

  • No problem.

    In my opinion understanding the physics is very important.

    If You understand how the physics work, You can tell a lot on Your swing, just by observing how the ball flies.

    Don't really need a radar for this Slight smile

    - The ball will start in the direction of club head face at impact. So if the ball starts left, Your face is open (closed for a right hand player). The only real exception is for woods where the face is curved. So it can be difficult to know if You hit a toe, or face open if the ball start left. The R10 unit will not know either.

    - Spin direction of the ball is determined by face angle relative to club path direction. So if You hit a ball starting right, but spinning left, You will know that the face angle is closed at impact (starting right), but Your swing path is even more to the right. And in order to correct this You should basically aim more left, in order to shift the swing path from outside in to inside out.

    I see plenty of right handed players trying to correct a slice by aiming more left to compensate. Probably totally unaware that their outside to in path only gets worse by aiming more left. But then again, it's not easy for a slicer to aim directly into the water hazard on right side, but that is what they should do Slight smile