When is a NEW Hardware version of R10 coming out?

Really like what I am seeing about the Garmin R10 and planning on purchasing a launch monitor sometime this year.  The R10 looks great for the price as it is, but since it has been out now for over a year and other products like the Rapsodo II have come out in the same price range, was hoping for a HARDWARE update, maybe with a camera, improved tripod, bubble level on device to help with accuracy, especially outside, etc.  Is this realistic to expect a NEW HARDWARE version to come out sometime in 2023?

  • We definitely need a better spin axis reading which is the biggest weakness of R10 vs competition at the moment.
    Camera would be a nice add on to align properly the device as well.

  • I would argue the biggest weakness since 4.3 update is the distance with longer clubs. Pre 4.3 I was singing the praises of R10 and post 4.3 rollout I am now a complainer because once a headcover comes off the distances are off at least 15%. Once you get to irons it is still great and the short chipping has improved but mass regression with the readings and registering of higher ball speed clubs.

  • No, not realistic. The R10 was released under 2 years ago. SkyTrak came out in 2014 and may have it's first update this year. People have been expecting that to come "in a few months" since 2021. LOL Uneekor Mini.

    You shouldn't expect something to be released, let alone widely available, any time this year.

    Given the MLM 2 Pro success in reading spin axis, it's possible Garmin could release a hybrid radar/camera unit, but it probably won't be called an R10.

    OTOH, there haven't been any software releases in 6 months. I don't think the R10 will read spin axis before Trackman does, and Trackman can't last time I checked.

  • There are currently no announcements regarding any new radar simulator devices for golf at this time from Garmin. 

    Garmin is always working on innovating new designs, and check out the official website, or official social media pages for any announcements as they become available. 

  • Thanks for this information.

    can you provide firmware roadmap ? 
    can we expect better spin axis calculation ?

  • We do not have details to provide, or any additional information regarding an update at this time. 

  • My problem with the Rap II is that it does not give you club info. Only ball. And for having very similar accuracies (<3% in most cases) I would rather have the club info and NOT have to buy Special Callaway balls. Nothing against Callaway but you cannot use the Rap II at the range. So you can ONLY use it at home. I think everyone is harping on the differences too much. remember, those other monitors that are thousands of dollars are doing the same thing just with a little different algorithm that may not be accurate either. Here is how I plan to use the R10 when I can afford one. I will set myself a baseline and then only compare against my self and using ball flight as my evidence. It doesn't matter if my spin is off by 200 rpm but if I see the spin on my driver coming down and the shot shape getting better (how I intend to shape it) Then those metrics are accurate relevant to me.

  • I agree with post above. My set up in my  garage to me is more realistic with Garmin R10 and GSpro for visuals and ball physics than most indoor sim places, especially the latest outfits that have no staffing at all. But for sure 3 wood and driver go less distance by about 5 to 10% max. But for me its easy to fix as I indicated all driver shots on GSpro to be boosted by 5%. Garmin's algorithm is pretty darn good. I know my mat and my indoor set up and I can pretty much call the yardage within 5 yards with irons and within 10 yards with driver. My distances quite well reflect real outdoor yardages. Use the r10 a a decent tool to learn how to shape the ball more consistently, create better tempo, and monitor improvements with changes you made. Very usefull.. Also, any indoor launch monitor will have its own algorithm and it could be wrong too because it makes several different assumptions of the environment you are playing in... well worth the money. And because I am a lefty, big advantage of R10 is it can go behind hitting mat and properly manage both lefties and righties in a game without touching the device...you cant say that for a Uneekor or GC3 or GC2....