Garmin Software starting to have problems.

Hey Guys. 

  I have had my Garmin R10 for 3 or 4 months or so and I really like it.  I do use the weather settings to get a more accurate distance readings with the longer clubs which worked well.  Yesterday was the first time the Garmin driving range wouldn't give any readings for my shots. I saw the tracer of the shot but no readings were given and I also couldn't change the weather settings.  I could play Home Tee Hero but couldn't change the weather settings beforehand so my driver distance was a lot less than normal.   E6 worked like normal and I should say that after playing for a couple of hours I tried the Garmin driving range and it worked again and I could change the weather settings as well.   The only thing different this time is the room was a little colder ( I usually heat up the workshop before I play) by  5 deg or so and when I quit temp was normal.... I know this shouldn't make any difference.  

   The only thing I think could cause problems is somehow my old iphone somehow updated something with out me knowing. I really avoid updating any software updates as I only use this phone for the R10. Anyways I hope this doesn't happen again.