Oops Garmin..

Well, I think Garmin has a limited time for listening to their customers.


Think it's time to step up tbh.

  • Need to figure out how to get an accurate spin axis number with rct balls or there will not be much of a point of getting the r10 as for $100 more you get accurate shot shape(what is currently missing for the r10)

  • Yes, maybe, but not sure which market these units actually addresses.

    If You are a serious golfer, and Your aim is to compete on a professional level, You don't buy a Garmin R10.

    If You are a hobby golfer, and want to play indoor during winter, You buy a R10.

    And the unit itself is good enough even for more advanced users.

    Garmin should however be worried now. For several reasons.

    Until now, units has been mostly either radar based, or camera based. This new rapsodo has both cameras and radar, and combines the best of 2 worlds. Uses camera for spin, and radar for club/ball metrics.

    I'm not quite sure how Garmin shall compete with this, but having a buggy app, a unit it is difficult to set up indoors, neglecting customer feedback, neglecting improvement suggestions and failing to communicate with customers, I think will not win.

    Basically just to look at the first page in this forum. What is the plan, what are they working on, anyone has an idea?

  • I think this is a good summary of my thinking. I think up till now Garmin has no competitor in entry-level LM for sim play. Now that they do, it would be nice to understand their future priorities.

  • I totally agree. Competition in this segment of the market is going to require Garmin to step it up. Have had lot's of issues with the device (some still sporadically occurring) as stated buggy app, very finicky when using indoors; which is why I purchased, to use during cold winter in Canada. I am a recreational golfer living in a rural area with no access to a professional simulator, so am looking to be able to swing clubs during the cold winter.  Some of these new monitors are looking attractive. Putting would definitely be a nice addition. Not sure if the rapsodo has this capability, but the use of camera and radar does seem like a better option. Will have to see how software works and support for other programs go and what Garmin does and then reevaluate in the fall.

  • Important to realize we have no idea how well the new MLM measures spin access, if at all. They are pointedly not demo’ing it before pre-launch.

    If they could do this, you’d expect it to be shown.

  • Just relaying some information I heard elsewhere but apparently you lose access to spin and spin axis data points as well as the simulation software and swing vision without the $199 subscription for the MLM2Pro. Can't speak to the accuracy of this information but that makes it less attractive for me if true. Garmin offering all data points, range simulation and integration options (even if the app needs improvement) for no additional cost is a huge plus in my opinion. I fully agree with the points brought up though. If Garmin could be more transparent on whether or not they will address issues and feedback from the community I think it could ease frustrations.  

  • You can look at videos from golficity testing spin in a non bias way(you would assume) and it showed as very accurate. I would honestly be shocked if the spin calculation with their new custom balls is not accurate. My only question would be in a non perfect environment if it works that well all the time.

  • If You look at the video in my first post, spin is actually the only thing they are testing.

    And average deviation from a GCQuad is 55r evs/m based on 3 different clubs.

    That is nothing less than amazing, and it will be difficult to say which one is actually the most correct one.

    I saw another video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeAarFwP9cM that goes more into details regarding subscription plans etc.

    It's way too early to tell if this is going to be the "perfect" launch monitor. I would not be surprised if there are sw issues, issues when not using the custom made ball with its pattern etc.

    But from the few videos we can see, it looks very promising.

    I will not buy one before I know a lot more and have seen a lot more tests, but don't worry. we will be hammered with Youtube videos when this is released.

    I had my first test in my new garage set up the other day, and so far it looks promising for my R10. I just wish I could use practise balls as the real one probably annoys the neighbor, and I don't exacly need the noise either of a real ball hitting the screen.

    If the Rapsodo can properly read practise balls, I'm sold.

  • The very suspicious thing is they did not test spin axis, which is clearly the issue on lower cost launch monitors. An RCT ball is very close on backspin numbers from an R10 and a Trackman. The fact that they didn't test spin axis for the MLM 2 Pro looks a lot like when LetsPlayThru called the R10 a little GC Quad except for 5-10 yds on driver, and then other people go their hands on it and clearly saw that was not the case.

  • I would be shocked if spin axis is not accurate when they advertise it as as good as $20k units

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