Feature Request - Garmin Golf App

Hi all,

First off I'm loving the R10 for me it works really well,

Couple of background

I am using it in a garage with low light to start off it was missing alot of lights but soon worked out that it was the tube roof lights that were causing the issue, switched to flood lights behind the R10 hardly misses a shot.


I just want to add a few notes that could be improved to the app

  • Whilst using the driving range when i use it in landscape the top of the shot tracer disappears from view
  • The ability to set degrees on clubs and average distance (as many have mentioned low lofted clubs are a little inaccurate) 
  • being able to add a few more metrics to the sides whilst using in landscape (maybe make a few smaller / or switch to the club view page similar to E6 driving range for a few seconds before flipping back to the shot tracer)
  • The ability to swipe between the pages