low lofted clubs issue


I have set up my R10 in my living room with a big Spornia net. 

I put 7 feet between the ball in both directions (net and r10).

I checked the firmware version and its 4.30 on the unit.

I also try to line everything up as well as I can (and the height is the same as the mat I am hitting off). My floor might be abit uneven though, Im not sure how important it is to the millimeter that everything is 100%?

However, my hybrid always registers with very low launch and kind of just rolls out in the simulator, and goes to 110 yards instead of 180-190. Does anybody knows how to fix this for low lofted clubs?

My second issue is that everything is showing up as a pull, but maybe if I can fix the first issue, it will also resolve.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance