R10Analytics import from session downloads

Garmin just released version 2.10 of the Garmin app that makes it possible to download the data from a session as a CSV file. That is great news.

I like to make it possible to import these files in R10Analytics such that you no longer have to go through the complicated export mechanism of Garmin. However, the file is language dependent and also dependent on the units you use. So I have no idea how it looks in different languages (I use Dutch myself).

Could you please send me some example files to [link removed]. I can then analyse these and make sure I can import the different types of files.

Also, please let me know whether the indicated time of the shots is in your local timezone or in UTC time. 

Thanks in advance.


  • Norwegian version sent.

    It will be really good if we can avoid the request to Garmin for data.

    I see that swing speed is missing in the csv file. Hope Garmin will add that to the file, and why not also in the shot info in app?

  • As a follow up I have now downloaded LDPlayer 9 and Garmin Golf App to my windows PC.

    So far so good: [link removed]

    I have not tried to connect my watch or R10 unit yet, but as You can see from the screenshot the app running on my windows laptop opens up range sessions without any issues.

    I still have to store my csv exports on my Android device, I was hoping to be able to export it directly to my PC for easier import into R10Analytics.

    But anyway my main reason for installing the Garmin Golf App on my laptop is the better screen and more available connections to monitor, projector etc.

    Further tests of this to come, but for some reason HTH does not find my subscription even though I appear to be logged in.

    Driving range starts up normally: [link removed]

  • A beta version of R10Analytics is now available that supports import of the new shot files. If you want to try itr out, you can download it at [link removed] Please report any issues. In particular when you get a warning that your language is not supported yet, such that I can include more languages.

  • Great work Marc. Thanks. Just uploaded a session and looks good to me for german. Any plans to also allow for uploads out of GSPRO range session csv export? I like to use this as sim and also for range. Would be great to use your app also there for analysis. Would also allow for non R10 users to have a good analysis on GSPRO range data. 

  • GSPro import will also be supported in the coming version. I am working on that now. Should be in the second beta I plan to release tomorrow. It is though a bit complicated as the file is dependent on the units used, which are not indicated in the file. So the user has to indicate these when importing shots. Also there is no date information and quit a few metrics are missing. Some I can compute. Others, in particular those that are club related, will simply be missing.

  • Good to hear. I imported another session and also used some balls with stickers on instead of having RCT balls. In the garmin data file there is a column for "spin rate type" which indicates if spin rate was "calculated" or "measured" in german "berechnet" or "gemessen". Could you include this in the import and show it on the session shot data as a column. I could not find it. That would really be great for analysis. Really like your tool.

  • I will add it on the todo list, but it won't be in the next version that I plan to release the coming week.

  • Help Please...
    For some reason I can't import todays Range session into Golf Shot Analytics. Error msg says "The import file is not valid. Are you sure it came from Garmin R10 Launch Monitor?"
    And yes I'm sure. And no, I haven't changed format... I had trouble on Saturdays session too, but somehow it worked after a couple of downloads...
    What am I doing wrong? Is there a speciel sequence to this??
    What I did was...: From the Garmin App; Share/export via email to myself. Copy from email into dedicated folder. Import into Golf Shot Analytics from said folder...but alas?? (tried saving to desktop, and into clod drive too.. no dice...)
    Any advice most welcome. Pretty annoying to waste time on such stuff...
  • Not sure if anything has changed in the new version of Garmin Golf App, but there was a new release recently.

    So maybe there is an issue there. I have not tried myself lately.

    You can open the file in notepad and compare it with an older to see if anything has changed.