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Golf app crashing with r10

Cant use golf sim driving range or home town hero.  I've tried the usual fixes.  Uninstalled reinstalled.  Restart device clear cache and data.  Nothing.   Now I get a message saying there is a bug and to wait for update from developer.  Is this a known issue and when will it be fixed?  I cannot use my r10

  • Hello,
    i used a Xiomi Redmi 10 wich initially worked with the golf app together with R10, After the app always stopps working i switchted to my a little bit older Samsung A51. With that it works. I saw in this thread much newer versions of the app like 2.90. On my both phones the version of the app is 2.41 (both downloaded from Google Play Store), so i am confused which is the newest version of the app. Furthermore i would like to use the app with R10 in range mode on an Samsung Wifi S7 FE, which i want to buy but i found a thread that the app is not working on tablets?
    And can i change the language in the golf app? I could not change from german language to english. This is really necessary because the german translations are very confusing and in some explanations (Schlagfächenstellung that is Face to target) even wrong.

    Kind regards, Thomas

  • Regarding the concern with the Xiomi Redmi...that manufacturer uses their own configuration of AndroidOS that is based on open source development. Their platform does not use traditional AndroidOS, so the concern you are having is likely due to the configuration of OS specific to the developer/manufacturer of the phone. 

    We release updates to our apps as we continue to improve our products, add features, and release fixes...and the updates to the app are optimized for conventional AndroidOS, along with it's system services as Android releases new editions to conventional OS. 

    To help with the second part of your comment, the language in the Garmin Golf app is based on the language set on your smartphone. 

    Below is the Garmin Support article linked with the instructions for change the language with steps for both AndroidOS and iOS for reference if needed: 

    Changing the Language For Garmin Apps

  • Hello,
    thanks a lot for your answers.
    I can live with the restrictions concerning my Xiaomi Redmi 10 although it is an common Android Smartphone that uses actual Android System and on your web page (System requirements) there are no restrictions mentioned according to Xiaomi phones. When that is the case why dont you mention it on your site. Luckely i have a alternative with my Samsung A51, although it is a little bit old and has slow performance, to use the R10 device.

    But what i dont understand, why is the golf app not working on modern Samsung Tablets like S7. Is it still a problem and when yes, with which version and when i can expect an update to fix that issue?

    Kind regards
  • Regarding the info in my previous reply regarding that smartphone manufacturer, and how they do not use a conventional AndroidOS configuration...that info I mentioned was summarizing directly from the explanation the manufacturer gives on their official site. They state specifically that their platform is not AndroidOS, but built on open source basis on AndroidOS, and then is developed differently into their own unique configuration. 

    There are many 3rd party smartphone manufacturers with phones developed on the AndroidOS platform, and our compatibility support page provides the general requirements the device needs to meet, in order to be compatible with the Garmin Golf app, but unless a user reports a concern with a specific model, we do not have any means to test every model of smartphone, or even the hardware will vary phone to phone, so compatibility is not always brand, or model, or AndroidOS version specific. 

    As we get reports of concerns, we gather information about the phone model through gathering of log reports from the app, and while discussing...and then that info is reported to our team reviewing the ticket for that concern. We have not had reports of the issue you are experiencing, nor on that specific phone model, but your circumstance has been noted and reported, so we will definitely be keeping an eye out for any further reports of concerns on that phone model. 

    Tablet compatibility has never been supported for use with the Garmin Golf app, with the main reason being that tablets do not offer the same Android Services as smartphones have with AndroidOS. 

    The other factor is that the Garmin Golf app requires data access in order for it to run while using not only the R10 features, but other features throughout the app. Since most tablets only offer the option of connecting to WiFi and not cellular, this is also relevant. Nether Android tablets, nor iPads are compatible with running the Garmin Golf app...however, you can mirror or cast to a compatible tablet or display from your smartphone if you would like to view the sessions on a larger format. 

  • thx a lot for the detailed answer,

    the language setting for the phone is working so i could now change from the weak german translations in the golf app to english. Although i would prefer if the app (like a lot of others apps do allow to set the language only for the app), so that i dont have to switch the language all the time back and forth, but anyway i am happy to be rid of the german translation now :-)

    The restrictions for tablets i can not really understand, first they use Android OS or iOS, second most of them are available with cellular Internet connection and third cellular Internet connection is not needed, at least not for range mode with R10 (and this is the only one i really need and use). I use the app now for my old Samsung A51 without SIM card and sometimes even without Internet (WIFI) at all and it works perfectly in range mode, it shows all the data and even saves the session. I guess that is what you mean when on the system requirements page is written "Compatible with phones"? If so this is a little bit confusing, because as i mentioned most tablets can be used as phones, so it would be helpful when you be more specific and write "no (general) support for tablets" or something that makes it easier to understand.

    It would be really a big benefit to support tablets for the app, because i guess lot of people who wants to use the R10 on the range would welcome to use the app on a bigger screen on the range without carrying your monitor to mirror from the phone to a monitor. Furthermore and that is what people who do seriously training would be really appreciate is to use your tablet in front of you for the R10 data (to see the data directly after the shot) and use your phone at the same time to record your swing on video (for example in the down the line position), so that you dont have to step back to the phone to watch the data all the time, like it is right now, ok it is already a good and nice feature to record a swing video while you use the app with R10 but this feature could be even much nicer.

    A real game changer would be, when the golf app would be able to display both data (the R10 data) and beside (like a split screen) at the same time the video for that swing. And if you can then use the tablet touch screen to draw the important lines in the swing video to see how the club comes into the ball (the plane line, angles between club and arms, body movements etc.) like the ios app Unbogify for example, which is a perfect example for how you want to record your swing and be able to draw that lines in your golf swing video, you were close to professional golf teachings systems (like the SCOPE System, which better golf teachers use).

    Most people have already both devices, a tablet and a phone, so it would be a nice and "natural" extension of the R10 and the golf app features.

    Maybe you buy the Unbogify team and app and integrate that functionality into your golf app or vice versa. You showed that you are able to offer the R10 lauch monitor system and data for third of the price of your competitors. With the above mentioned extensions you would be so far ahead of them, that they cant see you anymore ;-). For serious training it would be a huge benefit, to see the launch monitor data together with your swing video and the important lines, side by side.

    Kind regards and a nice weekend


  • Or You can use my in the very near future set up:

    Gaming PC with GS Pro and R10 directly connected.

    PC with one monitor output to projector showing course and shot data.

    Second monitor recording swing with 2 x high speed cameras running on Kinovea.

    Garmin golf app closed Slight smile