Distance problems: Garmin Range vs Home Tee Hero

I've had my R10 for about 2 weeks now and am having problems with distance, especially in HTH.  In the Garmin range my distances seem pretty good, especially on the irons, maybe a little short on the driver but maybe that's my ego too Slight smile

My problem is they seem way short throughout the bag in HTH, even from the tee box (I see there's a 10% penalty in the rough).  For instance I hit my 7i consistently 145 carry in the range, on HTH I'm seeing about 135 carry.  Driver is usually 225-250 carry in range, rarely goes over 220 and often stays under 200 in HTH.  I would think since they're both Garmin they're using the same math/estimates but maybe not?

I am set up in a garage with concrete floors, hitting mat is 2.5 inches thick, R10 is set up on the same surface height and aligned with a laser, but it's only a stand not consistent height to the ball does that matter?  I see recommendations for carpet helping the distance reads, does just one strip from the r10 to the hitting area do the trick or do I need to carpet the whole area?  Current distances are R10>8 ft>hitting area>10 ft>net w/ tarp backing (I was hitting wedges very close to going over my 7ft net so added the tarp overhang as a secondary defense to my 10ft ceilings).

anyway, a couple weeks left in the free trial but at this point I'm thinking an upgrade to probably GSPro is in my future.