Apex issues

Day 3:  same, same, same...  great up to 6i/5i.  CANNOT crest 60’ apex (20 yd).  CANNOT hit any iron over 200yd carry.  

Moved Net Mat and Garmin Mat


Adjusted Garmin height & tilt.


Covered concrete with towels forwards and back.


Garage Lights on & off.


Stereo on & off.


TV on & off.


No improvement?

Im a 1 hndcp.  Last two rounds of 69 &73. I know my yardages and ball flight.  Any help is appreciated. 

  • Go to Garmin App settings and hit calibrate before you start next session. Set R10 up as you would to play and place a ball in hitting location and then select calibrate. Had same issue with apex and shot shape not being correct and after calibration recommendation after software update, its been awesome!

  • SOLVED:  Although my R10 was on a leveled tripod behind my hitting mat, the angle of attack & launch numbers were proportionally off which ultimately affected distance, spin, and apex.  What could be wrong?  It’s leveled and set up to the distances spec’d in the manual....  doesn’t make sense.  However...

    Raising the R10 another 1/2” off the floor (mind you it was already on an elevated tripod). And incrementally adding thin washers under the back leg of the tripod (affectively reducing vertical tilt) solved the Angle of Attack / Launch discrepancy.  

    The launch, spin, apex numbers are more accurate after the set-up adjustment. Thanks 

  • Coiuld I ask how much you decreased the tilt angle.   I have found the same thing.  I raised the back leg about 15mm which reduced the tilt angle at the face of the R10 by 9 degrees.

    After the 4.3 update, I could not read any chips.  Making this adjustment, it is reading all chips with the exception of a couple of misses per session. 

    Just would like to compare to your experience.


  • Since the update, I haven’t had the apex issues I had in the past.  I have slightly changed my garage setup so it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison.  I would suggest though (if you’re still having issues). Run the calibration first then incrementally add small washers (or coins) under the back leg of the tripod.  It doesn’t take much.