R10 ball flight tracer issues

I have a R10 with the latest software and i have noticed that the ball flight tracer (when using the Garmin Golf driving range) often does not match what i see on the actual driving range. For example using a 7iron i hit a shot which goes straight (in line with the matching alignment on the R10) however it shows say a fade of 10-20 meters. Next shot is exactly the same but shows a draw of a similar distance.

It does not matter what the club and often when looking at club path, face to path etc it does not make sense that it would think it was a fade or slice…..

Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Select calibrate before you start your session in Garmin app. Had the issues of apex appearing very flat and shot shapes not measuring and calibration for whatever reason seems to solve that. Hopefully works for you as well.

  • For me the garmin ball flight match great with the driving range, not always but more than 90% of time with wedges and irons

    Maybe with woods (and iron 4) my big draws are reduced on Garmin and seems less curved than in real flight, sometime to the point that Big Draws on Garmin looks like pushs and not like terrible hooks (digital game-improvement!!!)

    On windy days the real vs garmin flight tends to differ a little more

    Comparing flight with face to path with garmin flight (or real one) is another history. In a windy day garmin flight will match real flight (mostly) but  face-to-path will not match ball flight (I think wind wins curving the ball and garmin is correct showing that data)

    On a no-wind day, ball flight(real and garmin) are more draw shaped that face-to-path relation indicate. I need 2 (o more) degrees face-to-path to the get a straigth fight (and more to get a fade)

    On bad strikes (fat or very toe-hell) face-to-path and flight shape tends to disagree (I suppose head rotation because bad contact breaks the face-to-path/ball-flight relationship)

  • For some reason the club path if wrong on my Garmin. It can be right or left with a in - out consistent path at golftec. I hit draws and a miss is shut face hooks. The Garmin gives me fades lol. I think I will have to return it

  • All I can suggest is check your alignment and level and calibrate. Distance from ball to net can help--i have 12 feet and 7 feet from device to ball.