R10 For Left Handed Golfers

Hi Everyone,

I read Garmin's comments about the image of the right handed clubhead on their stats screen (they say it doesn't affect the numbers) and that's fine, but for a lefty, like me, this adds a layer of mental processing that we shouldn't have to deal with.  How hard can it be to create a button for lefties that flips around that image and anything else in the app geared towards righties?  I get it, it's just an image and has no bearing on the numbers, but seeing that image there while trying to read the numbers just throws me off, and at that moment, makes me have to think about ignoring the image.  It's like reading the word "BLUE" while written in the color green.  It's just weird.

Creating the button for lefties would be great, but getting rid of the image altogether would be fine too.  Golf is tough enough.  Help!