Premium Membership for Home Tee Hero question

Just pre-ordered my R10.  Can't wait!

Just wondering,  will premium access be locked to 1 device/platform?     I have an Android phone but also have an iPad.       just wondering if my premium membership will be accessable across both devices.

I have a good net set up in my home shed and would prefer to use the iPad there for the bigger screen but would like to also use my phone with it when going to the driving range with mates.

Any news regarding this?  

  • The premium membership will be available on multiple devices. It will just be a matter of logging into the account with the membership on the same device being used. 

  • I have read elsewhere that the e6 code is limited to one device - is that the case?

  • I believe what they are referring to regarding one device for e6 is relative to the launch monitor.  I have seen many say that one can change the computer device they are using by unbinding the unit and then rebinding it to the one they are wanting to use.  I actually contacted e6 from the standpoint of starting out using an iPhone and then buying and using an iPad or perhaps buying a newer iPhone and they confirmed there is not a restriction on something of this nature.  In that I don't have e6 as of yet, I am not sure what is involved to unbind and rebind but I can't imagine it being that difficult. 

  • I have tried logging in with another device and it's asking me to choose a subscription which I've already done with my first device.  I don't want to be double billed for this. Any suggestions?

  • I logged in with my Android phone to confirm the subscription in that manner. When I went to log in via iOS later, I'm getting asked to re-subscribe. Same Garmin account. Would like to use the Android phone at the range and the iOS device for when at home. Any help is appreciated, especially if before the free trial ends...

  • Because Android and iOS are different platforms, using different app stores and purchase services, the membership would need to be subscribed to on both. This is because the service will be activated and billed to the card on file with that specific platform's app store.

    The only time you do not need to subscribe again is if you are logging into the account on another Android device or iOS device.