Garmin G80 update discussion

1 month ago Garmin-Jimmy issued a post saying that Garmin had issued update 4.10. for Garmin G80 users.

Can anyone at Garmin explain why Garmin are just ignoring the fact that G80 users need updates to the stroke indexes.  

No response regarding this from Garmin on my previous discussion,   

I think Garmin has sold a product under false pretences.   Bit like buying a new golf club that doesn't have a grip.  Useless.

  • Are you using the Local Handicap or Index/Slope method to set your handicap? In the UK the index/slope setting will not work as the UK and Australia calculate handicap slightly different to the rest of the world. For the UK set the local handicap to your playing handicap.

    It may also be that the course details have changed, and the stroke indexes are different to those on the courses downloaded to your G80. Make sure you download the latest courses using Garmin Express to your device. If you have already downloaded the latest courses, then you may need to advise Garmin of the correct stroke indexes here