Use with superspeed golf sticks

I have been trying to use my Garmin Approach G80 with the superspeed golf sticks for a while.

After updating the G80 it started to work without hitting a ball and also with speeds above 114 mph which is one step forward but the G80 is still troublesome to use with speed sticks.

Major issues

- Several times when hitting in the air with the superspeed sticks it never detects any speed at all.

- When starting with the club in the front and passing the G80 twice in the same swing, it detects the first pass only and gives a speed reading of for example 35 mph instead of the last pass of 120 mph.

Is it possible that you test internally with the superspeed sticks or similar and try to make some improvements?

Could you add a setting that you can switch on/off for when using when hitting with/without a ball to enhance each mode?

Here are some links to supersspeed golf practices: (this shows level 2 but you could look at the swing exercises from level 1-5)

The much cheaper PRGR radar for $230 works perfectly for the swing practices above so it should be very possible to alter the G80 to handle this.