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Connecting a G80 to Macbook Pro with a USB C port

Garmin G80 can not be found by Garmin Express on my Macbook Pro. The laptop only has USB C ports on it. I can use an adaptor and the G80 will charge and I can see the Garmin G80 in the Finder window. I've had no problems on my previous laptop with a USB port.

Any suggestions as to how to connect to Garmin Express so I can update my G80.

  • I'm having the same issue. Then G80 charges when connected with adaptor to the USB-C port on my MacBook Pro, but is not found in the Finder and is not detected by the Garmin Express App. Has anyone solved this?

  • its beyond frustrating. I can't update mine at all

  • obviously Garmin does not have a solution or they would give an answer,

  • I actually managed to solved it by using a different USB cable. The one I previously tried wasn’t compatible apparently. Maybe something for you to try as well?

  • My computer doesn't have a usb port, only usb c the cable worked on the old computer

  • Which cable did you use for to connect it?

  • FYI ... I just purchased the Apple USB-C Adapter Port and all works perfectly (its an expensive port vs the 3rd party ports, but the 3rd party ports only claim suitable for charging, vs the Apple port that claims and delivers on full connection)

  • USB-C ports will require a different cable than what the Approach G80 was originally included with, as the original micro-USB cable leads to a USB-A connector end for computer connections and other charging sources. 

    The Garmin provided cable that was included with the G80 supports both charging and data transfer...where many households may have a ton of micro-usb cables around from other products, it is important to use the original cable that came with the unit...or if using a 3rd party brand cable...confirm that the cable supports both charging and data transfer. 

    As many home computers and switching USB connection hardware to the USB-C type, a micro USB cable to USB-C data/charging cable would need to be purchased, to allow the possibility of installing course map updates to the G80 using the Garmin Express program. 

    Garmin currently does not offer a microUSB to USB-C data cable, but has began offering USB-C options for Garmin developed cable types on our golf products that use a unique cable connector end from the device to USB.