Still someone working at garmin ? why no update?

Still someone working at garmin ? why no update?

  • Hello! What is your inquiry in regards to?

  • All the requests are in the forum for at least a year and nothing has move..

  • All the requests are in the forum for at least a year and nothing has move

    Although that might be true for the issues you're most concerned with, I think it's not quite "all requests." If you could be more specific on which issues or point to the related threads, that might help to help you. Also, sometimes you might see the answer posted will be to contact the Garmin Support Center, as not all issues can be easily addressed on the forums.

  • G80 shot distance measurement and club advice..
    Save Radar (launch monitor) Data Against a Club. Not just shot tracking in GPS..
    Add the wind..

  • After a round of golf how do I find out the amount of time elapsed during the round and distance traveled during the round. Both those are displayed at the bottom of the score card. How do look at those numbers when I have quit the round? The G6 had a history which I could just look at after each game and previous games and find that info. 

  • The tickets for the G80 shot distance measurement and club advice are still being considered. I am continuing to add interested customers to the ticket so that our development team knows that these are still highly requested. No current time frame, and I know they have been suggested for awhile, but all we can do is continue to add numbers to the ticket to keep it a high priority request. 

  • Maybe your development team is on holdiday..., G80 shot distance measurement and club advice..
     is asking for more than 2 years..

    I bought it for close to 500 euros.. and was thinking to buy quality product and not something where it take years to get update!

  • 1 year and still no major update, what garmin is waiting?

  • I hope it's just not the number of tickets that decide this.
    Im not even a owner of this device yet but atleast I managed to find my way here since I own some other garmin devices.

    I can understand that much of the focus is on the new R10 but to me that is quite different type of hardware.
    I needs to be setup differently, you need a another device to function as a display.

    The G80 is less cumbersome to setup and got the GPS-functionality on course.

    What Im trying to say is that even though they both got launch monitors they probably cater for different users and hence it would be nice if the G80 kept getting a few updates. 

    Being a garmin owner for some years now its clear that we should not expect any major  functionality added, these are saved for future product versions, most updates are to fix bugs and add simple upgrades.

    Would be nice if the G80 or future models had the ability to draw distance arcs for the 200-. 150- and 100- markers. The G30 does this on a much smaller screen and I like that function since since arcs provide more information than a dot in middle of the fairway.