G80, disable scoring during round.

After every hole the G80 shows a scorecard for 4 players.\

I don't use the scorecard function on my G80, i would like to disable it, so it does not show up after every hole.

  • You can disable the scoring stat tracking feature by going to Settings > Scoring > Stat Tracking and setting your G80 to Off.

  • I am sorry, but the solution you offered did not work. G80, software version 3.10. My G80 still shows the scorecard for 4 players after every hole. I am using my S60 and CT-10 for scoring, so i don't want that annoying G80 asking for my scores  (and 3 non existing competitors) after every hole. Can you please update the software so i can disable the feature?

  • If you are referring to seeing all 4 players while you golf and you are using your G80 only as the launch monitor using the radar feature, only input score for yourself and when done, do not save the scorecard, discard it. You will always see all 4 players. Only input your score for yourself but discard that scorecard since you are saving your scorecard through your S60 and the CT-10 sensors.

  • Chris, exactly what i meant. I record my scores through my S60 and am perfectly happy with that. I use the G80 as an launch monitor during practice on the range and as a GPS finder during my rounds, because the screen is much larger than on my S60. It's only the annoying habbit of the G80 that wants me to key in scores after every hole .... that's a feature i don't want, because of .. what i just wrote. It can not be that difficult for your programmers to add an option to disable the scoring feature overall (i am a programmer myself yoy know) .

  • Chris, 4 months ago I replied that I find it very annoying that my G80 wants me to key in scores, although I do not want to use that feature, because I use my G60 and CT-10 for scoring. Could you please check if the programmers of the 3.10 software are willing to make it possible to disable scoring overall, so I can advise the G80 to my friends

  • I will be happy to add you to a request to have the option to disable scoring within the Settings > Scoring menu of an Approach G80.

    For any other Approach G80 customer that reads this thread, if you would like to be added to the request, please highlight my name and send me a Private Message mentioning disabling the score feature on the G80. Thank you!

  • Yes same issue. I just bought the G80 and do not want scoring annoying me. I find it astonishing if it is true there is no option to turn it off. Please provide a solution or a software fix release date or I will be returning the device.

  • Chris, just updated my G80 to version 3.30. To my great disappointment the G80 still ask me to key in my scores after i played a hole. I use my S60-CT10 to record my scores and would very much like to disable this "feature" on  my G80. How hard can it be to add one option tot the scoring page, on wich i can disable the G80 from asking me to key in scores.

  • Agreed. From memory I think it stopped annoying me after I turned off blue tooth connectivity with my phone.

  • Dear Garmin team,

    Will you please add a function that disable scoring on Approach G80? I am also using Approach S62 and am keeping my score on this wearable device. Keeping asking scoring on G80 is annoying function. It should be selective. I also asked your Customer Service team to convey the requirement to the development team to add this disabling function in the next update of the firmware. Thanks in advance for considering..