G80 not always sync'ing/updating multiple players scores after submitting at the end of a round

When tracking/keeping more than 1 persons score on my G80 it confirms the scores at the end of the round and i select SAVE, however once sync'ing with my mobile device it doesnt download + display their scores and the information is always lost.

Is this a known issue and/or fix in the pipeline wrt the G80?

Is this hardware and/or software issue?

Should i return my G80?

This is core functionality and one of the  basic functions surely, also slightly embarrising when keeping scores for a whole group then to say the data has been lost.

I love the G80 for the GPS + Launch monitor but without the basics its really a waste of money (£400+)!
Can you please assist?

2x examples below provided to show evidence (3x players on the 13/6) + (2x players on the 14/6), before saving and after sync'ing with my app + online

(3x players on the 13/6)

(2x players on the 14/6)

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