G80 Club Performance

I am a long time Garmin Golf user.  I recently purchased the G80 as an "upgrade" over my G7.  However, I cannot understand why the "measure shot" distance feature on the course cannot be saved, and allow the user to pick the club the shot was hit with.  I have continued to take the G80 and G7 along with me to the course due to the absence of this feature.  Is there any way this missing aspect can be added to a Garmin update?  I am able to use the Garmin Golf app to see shots I have saved from the G7.  If this is not feasible, I will be looking to return my G80.  My wife asks me why we bought this new GPS if we are still taking the old one.  I have no legitimate response to that question.  

I was excited to use the radar function, but this new technology seems to be way off in accuracy.  My hope was I would be able to get an accurate portrayal of my wedge game into a home net.  I have had trouble with it even picking up swings.  

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