Scorecard history

How is possible that I can not get in to the history of my stored scorecards on the g80 unit. I can only have it within Garmin Golf app but I can not change (edit) scorecard later if the game is in stable scoring. What if I make mistake and close round - there is no way to correct afterwards in golf app when stable scoring is choose. I could do it always in my old g6 on unit itself.

Also today I played with my friend and keep my score on first line of scorecard and his on last (4) line of scorecard means that 2nd and 3th was empty and it saved only my score to Garmin golf app - any reason why not also his ??!

Thanks  for responce.

  • You can only edit Strokeplay golf and not Stableford - How Do I Edit My Golf Scorecard? When you record your score using the Golf APP, it is meant for your scorecard and maintaining that record with your Garmin Connect account. Whether you manually input a scorecard not recorded on your Approach G80 or using it in place of your golf product. Your friend is welcome to add our free Golf APP to an iOS iPhone or Android smartphone to record their scorecard and maintain a record.