Course and Firmware update options?

I have been searching for how to upgrade the G80 I just bought.  It has an old firmware version, and I want to get it to current.

But, it seems that the G80 doesn’t support WiFi (surprising, because my old G8 did).  I have attached it to my iPhone via Bluetooth, but neither Garmin Connect or Garmin Golf app is showing a way for me to upgrade.

I see that “Garmin Express” can upgrade it, but that is only supported on Windows and Mac OS X.     
  My MacBook Pro is out of support by apple, so it runs Mint Linux now.  My Chromebook is also not supported.  I don’t see a Garmin Express app for my iPad or iPhone.
  My work laptop is Windows 10 — but I wouldn’t install personal apps on it, even if it wasn’t locked down to prevent that.

Really?  With all the devices I have, am I really stuck?

Can someone from Garmin comment on this?  Am I missing something?  Will newer firmware or Garmin Connect apps change this?

The G8 WiFi updates were so simple.. Why is this not in the G80?