Any chance of the G80 being able to support the CT10 club tracking system?

It would be nice to have this feature as this device negates the need for a watch, which all seem to support the CT10

  • I doubt it will be able to since it doesn't go on your wrist.  I believe the CT10's have a pretty short communication range (maybe only a couple feet) and a lot of people would leave the G80 in their cart or bag causing all sorts of potential issues.  It would be nice though.  Maybe someone from Garmin could confirm if this is technically possible.

  • Let's think outside the box here, Garmin just needs to make a belt clip so it stays on your body and the CT10 would work the same as the watches.  

  • I’m clearly no expert but my understanding is the impact of the strike is detected by the watch which then detects what sensor is in the near proximity (aka the one in your hand on the club being used). I know it can pickup clubs on the ground if you bring several with you so there is some range to it beyond inches away on the club itself which is why I think the watch sensing the impact of the ball strike is what generates a recorded shot.

  • Actually, the CT10's aid in detecting the swing.  I'm not sure if they replace the sensors in the watch for detection, or if there is some combination, but it is more than just a proximity sensor.  That's why they can be so much more accurate with detecting putts with the putter.

  • I’ve had a full set of CT10’s for over a year. Trust me, they aren’t great at putts but they might be better than not having any.