Approach G8 Performance Stats Not showing

G8 Performance Stats Not showing - I have both a Approach G8 and Vivoactive HR.   My data uploads and I can see scorecards and course performance data, but I cannot see performance data such as drive, putt etc as compared to similar handicaps.  

  • Devices that are not compatible with the Approach CT-10 club tracking sensors, will not generate metrics for certain perform stats. I recommend checking out the Garmin Golf Performance Stats and Data Available support page for reference on the performance stats and the Approach G8. 

    The Approach G8 will only track manually measured shots during rounds of golf where a club can be assigned to the shot from the menu on the G8, but since the G8 does not support CT-10 sensor pairing, nor the AutoShot features required for those metrics, the stat tracking will be limited to the info you are seeing within your account.