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Feature request: stroke counter

As the subject states, I would like to make the request to add a feature that enables us to count the strokes using the G12 (not to be confused with manually updating the scorecard after each stroke!). I currently still carry a stroke counter which feels a bit off / unnecessary to me since I also carry the G12. I also think this feature would be beneficial to lots of other devices. Maybe there are already plans to come with a software update for the G12, then I'd love to see this being included. And maybe anybody on this forum already knows about these plans? Or maybe this feature is already on a backlog somewhere to be picked up? Then of course please let me know!

  • The 14-pack of Approach CT-10 sensors will allow automatic scoring along with club tracking without the user having to manually tap each time a stoke is taken during rounds. 

    Otherwise the manual scorecard feature can be opened on the screen during the round and the count can be increased with each stroke. 

    You can also outline features the Approach G12 currently does not have, by submitting the specifics through the Garmin Ideas page on the site.