How do I export golf data that is posted in garmin connect to my PC?

I have downloaded my golf data from my garmin 10 to the garmin connect website.  is it possible to download that data to my PC?  What I am trying to do is see how i have done over my last 10 rounds vs my earlier rounds to determine if my skills have improved 

  • I am using an Approach G6, but I suspect this information would apply to the G10.

    In the past, scorecard data that was recorded on my G6 would be retained in the device, accessible via the History folder, even after syncing with Garmin Connect via the Garmin Express app. These same files could then be accessed via Windows File Manager on your PC when the device was plugged into the USB port. The device appears in File Manager and you just need to navigate to the scorecard folder on the device (Garmin\Data\Scorecards) and copy the appropriate scorecard file to a folder on your PC. Unfortunately, more recent versions of Garmin Express will automatically erase the most recent scorecard file from the device during the sync process making it no longer accessible after syncing. Not sure why Garmin did this.  If you are intent on saving these scorecard files locally (on your PC vs. the Garmin Connect server) there is a workaround that allows you to save/copy the scorecard file from your device before the syncing process deletes it:

    1. With the Approach G6 (or G10) NOT CONNECTED to your PC, open Garmin Express and click on the Settings Icon in the upper right corner.
    2. Select General Setting and ensure that both checkboxes (“Always keep Garmin Express running…” and “Automatically launch Garmin Express…”) are UNCHECKED, then click the OK button.
    3. Connect the Approach G6 to your PC via the USB cable.
    4. Once the PC has confirmed that the G6 is connected, open Windows File Explorer and navigate to the Garmin Approach G6 drive and open the Scorecards folder (Garmin/Data/Scorecards).
    5. Highlight the scorecard file you want to save and select “Copy” from the toolbar ribbon menu.
    6. Navigate to a pre-established document folder on the PC (e.g., Garmin\Scorecards) and select “Paste” from the toolbar ribbon menu.
    7. Close File Explorer and open Garmin Express. (Syncing should take place automatically once Express is opened. If not, click on the “Sync” button.)  Once syncing is complete, close Garmin Express.
    8. Reopen File Explorer and copy the scorecard file from the PC back to the Approach G6 drive (Garmin\Data\Scorecards).
    9. Disconnect the Approach G6 from the PC, turn it on and confirm that the scorecard file appears in the History list.

    I realize this doesn't help you with past scorecards but at least gives you a way to preserve them on your PC in the future.

  • The Approach G12 does not retain the scorecard file once the scorecard has been synced. Scorecards recorded on the Approach G12 can only be synced through the Garmin Golf app, or through Garmin Express. Information from the saved scorecard can then only be viewed within in the Garmin Golf app, or through the Garmin Connect website

    You can share scorecard info through the Garmin Golf app, or by allowing connections within Garmin Connect to view your round info, but there is currently no way to export number data, like a .CSV for spreadsheets currently. Any of your scorecard info you are wanting to organize or track through your own methods must be manually input by referencing them through our Garmin Golf app, or Garmin Connect web platforms. 

    Past Approach G3, G5, G6, G7, G30 and G8 handheld models retained scorecard files from rounds recorded on the device, since rounds could be saved and viewed directly on the handheld screen from the scorecard menu integrated into the software on those devices. The Approach G10, G12, G80 handheld devices do not have the scorecard viewable on the devices, and there is not a Garmin supported method or suggestion for viewing scorecard files through another source other than through the Garmin Golf app, or Connect web view. 

    Check out the Sharing Scorecards on the Garmin Golf App for more info. 

    More info available for sharing scorecards through Garmin Connect web available in the Sharing Scorecards with Garmin Connect Web support page to reference as well. 

  • Certainly! Yes, you can download your golf data from Garmin Connect to your PC. This will allow you to analyze your performance over your last 10 rounds versus earlier ones effectively job openings in Mackay.