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Why are my scorecards not syncing, there are 6 'fit' files in the scorecard folder on my G12, but only 5 scorecards show on my phone app.

My G12 is not syncing correctly to my phone

  • Try syncing the G12 using the USB connection to the computer through the Garmin Express program to see if that allows for the transfer of the scorecard. 

    If you have indeed recorded 6 rounds of golf, and the scorecard is still not transferring after syncing first through the Garmin Golf app, and Garmin Express... then there is an issue with the .FIT file for the scorecard showing a creation date for that missing round, and you would need to have the .FIT file deleted from the Score/Scorecard folder located with the GARMIN folder in the device drive for the G12. 

    Users should be cautious when viewing files within the device storage drive on Garmin devices, and it is typically best to contact Garmin Support directly for guidance on the solution.