The FIT SDK License Agreement has been updated to remove the reference to clicking a button to agree to the license. This is so the license can be used in places like Github, PyPI, npm, NuGet, etc. where the user implicitly agrees to the license by using the SDK. The FIT SDK License Agreement was also updated with simpler language to make the agreement easier to read. The copyright notice in each source file has also been updated to reference the FIT SDK License by name. 

  • Believe it or not, the infamous zip file has been around since 2009. We published the SDK released in the past 18 months (Objective-C, JavaScript, and Python) to their respective package managers. Publishing the preexisting Java and C# SDKs to their respective package managers is on our list of todos. I do not have an ETA at the moment. We will post to the announcements forum when we do.

  • Thanks that's a step forward. Now could you please also post the FIT SDK Java fit.jar file in the Maven Repository so that we can use it as a Maven build dependency? Maven is the standard build tool for most Java projects. Since the fit.jar file isn't posted there it forces everyone to manually download the SDK before running a build.