Version 21.89.00 of the FIT SDK is available for download at 

In this release:

  • FIT CSV tool improvements
    • Options were added to convert semicircles to decimal degrees, and to convert FIT date-times to ISO-8601. Decimal degrees and ISO-8601 values in the CSV file will also convert back to FIT.
      See for usage.
    • When using the -x option to print bytes as hex, 0x is appended to the value to allow the CSV file to be converted back to FIT.
    • Improved error handling when decoding FIT files. If an exception occurs while decoding a FIT file, a CSV file containing the data up to the point of the corruption will now be written out. Use the -d option (enable debug output) to print the error to the terminal.
    • General fixes for converting CSV files back to FIT.
  • A new FIT Activity File Repair Tool was added to the Java SDK. The Activity Repair Tool can remedy the most common issues associated with corrupt or invalid FIT Activity files, so that the repaired file may be successfully uploaded to the desired fitness platform.
    See for usage.

Profile additions in this release:

  • Added new Manufacturer Ids
    • Tag Heuer
    • Keiser Fitness
    • Fazua
    • Oreka Training
  • Added new Garmin Product ids
    • Forerunner 255
    • Forerunner 955
    • Vívosmart 5
    • HRM Pro Plus
    • Tactix 7
    • Edge Expore 2
  • Added two dozen new Course Point Types
  • Added secondary targets to Workout Step message

Release notes for this release and earlier releases can be found at