Version 21.40.00 of the FIT SDK is now available for download at 

New in this release:

  • Diving has been added to the Sport enum
  • New devices have been added to the Garmin Products enum
    • D2 Air
    • Forerunner 745
    • Forerunner 745 Asia
    • Venu Square
    • Venu Square Asia
  • FIT SDK Cookbook
    • The FIT SDK Cookbook contains examples of using the FIT SDK to solve real-world problems. There are recipes for encoding and decoding Activity, Workout, and Course files; and recipes that provide tips for working with the FIT SDK.
    • For more information see 
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  • There is an issue on the developer site as a whole where some of the links that do not end in a slash give you a 404. This is going to be fix within the next week. In the meantime if you encounter a 404 page, you can add a slash to the end of the URL and it should work. Sorry for the hassle.

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