Edge 1030 software version 12.63 Beta

Hallo, es gibt eine neue BETA Firmware. Mal schauen...ich denke ich werde am WE mal testen wenn ich Zeit habe:

Changes made from version 12.20 to 12.63:

  • Fixed device-to-device transfers
  • Added new tone for radar that that plays when your radar transitions to the green threat level. Go to the radar settings in the sensors menu to enable this feature.
  • Improved bike light network connection stability
  • Improved course point display and added new types
  • Improved Course 'Always Show' functionality
  • Improved shifting sensor battery data fields
  • Improved Physio True-up data recording
  • Improved indoor trainer control
  • Fixed issue causing unnecessary sensor software update prompts
  • Fixed power calibration prompt when waking from sleep mode
  • Fixed history line color
  • Fixed issue with left/right power balance recording
  • Fixed issue with GPS not turning off in indoor mode
  • Fixed the power graph during workout steps with no power target
  • Improved general device stability