17XX to 18XX( Latest build) Mobo not detecting M.2 boot drive after installing

Microsoft store said I needed to upgrade my "17XX" version of Windows to the latest "18XX" in order to even install the game.

So I launched the windows update utility, let it run its course and when my PC restarted I was sent to the bios where no SSD drives were found.

I have an ASUS X470-Pro with a Samsung 970 Evo m.2 nvme drive in M.2_1 (OS) and a Corsair MP300 in M.2_2 (GAMES)

NEITHER drive shows up in the bios. I tried a few restarts with no luck. I cleared Cmos, removed the battery and reset it again, still no change.

Eventually I updated the MOBO bios with the EZ flash utility. Still nothing.

I have been hunting around and cannot find any reason why the drives do not show up in bios. I feel like there's something else I am missing. Is there a special toggle to get M.2 drives to appear in bios?