Suchfunktion funktioniert nicht mehr

ich habe heute das neueste Update installiert (Macbook) und jetzt funktioniert die Suchfunktion nach POI im Basecamp nicht mehr. Es sieht zwar aus, als ob das Programm arbeitet, aber es wird auch nach langem Warten nichts angezeigt. Woran kann es liegen, weiß jemand eine Lösung.
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  • Vlt erhälts Du in der richtigen Rubrik (Bascamp für Mac) eher eine Antwort

  • Habe dasselbe Problem.  Die betroffene Karte:  TOPO Deutschland V8 PRO.  Habe in den englischen Foren gepostet:

    The problems concerns two maps, both purchased online and installed via Garmin Express on my eTrex 35t.  I am running all Garmin Express, BaseCamp and Apple Safari on a MacBook Pro 2018 with macOS 10.13.6.  The maps in question are TOPO Deutschland V8 PRO and TOPO Switzerland PRO.

    Problem 1

    In BaseCamp with the eTrex connected I load TOPO Deutschland V8 PRO.  When I try to search for practically anything Find generally finds nothing.  E. g., I search for "Nonnenmattweiher".  Even though the map is positioned so that this lake is plainly evident in the center of the display, BaseCamp/Find finds nothing.  Searching for other labeled object visible on the screen is equally "successful."

    After several frustrating email exchanges with Garmin Support in which different agents replied to each email and seemed only to read the first sentence, the last agent claimed to have "researched" the matter and found that, by design, maps on handheld devices don't support search, only maps downloaded to the computer.  This seems rather odd, to say the least.  Even if the information for such searches is not available on the handheld device, it could be downloaded from the internet.

    Can anybody confirm or refute the agent's claim?

    Problem 2

    In my Garmin Express TOPO Deutschland V8 PRO does not appear under my purchases, only TOPO Switzerland PRO.  A symbol of a cloud impaled on a downward pointing arrow seems to imply that I can download it.

    In, on the other hand, both maps appear in myMaps.  When I try to download either, I receive an error message that a Communicator plugin is missing.  I click to install it.  The process seems to run successfully to completion, but when I try again to download either map, I receive the same error message.

    Does anybody know the status of and the Communicator plugin?  Are these just corpses that Garmin has not yet disposed of, superseded by Garmin Express?  Why the discrepancy between the maps listed on the site and the list in Garmin Express.