Golf Scorecards post game and other Golf related queries.

(originally posted on the Fenix 6 forum, then I realised, this forum existed too).

This might not be the best place to post, but it concerns Fenix 6 users too and I didn't find a place concerning specifically the Web/mobile garmin scorecards.

After playing a game, you should be able to correct your score, handicap, course slope and so on. I also use the score card to add the club I played on each shot. I'm impressed by how the watch registers each shot automatically and how precise the yardage is (I often check with a bushnell and it's very accurate). My only gripe is regarding post analysis of a game. The graphics are ok, but the user interface and user experience is quite lame. You have to edit shot by shot and save between each change. Also, sometimes you can't edit a hole (see image). I love my watch, I love the fact that it's useful for all sports I'm bad at (cyclign, surfing, swimming, running, skiing, golf, hiking...) and love the fact that Garmin provides updates all the time.

And I see that the hole #5 disappeared from the iOS app...

So here is my request, and I'd be really happy to help for suggestions: please make the editing the scorecard better, more flexible and more user friendly.

I've ordered the CT10 to test them this week.