Putting performance table accuracy

Related to my earlier question about recording pin position.  I'm testing CT10 putting data by only putting short and long.  No mediums.  I'm looking at 1 round only and the performance table would benefit from showing quantity of putts along with the percentage (but for ten rounds this would generate high numbers).  The data is not entirely reliable but it's not completely inaccurate.  I can't give an objective number as to the accuracy of the table. for eg CT10 missed a short 1 putt but included a long 1 putt which didn't happen but the other 15 long putts seemed to be categorised ok.  Also picked up two medium putts which didn't happen.  I'm also noticing not all putts appear to be recorded by the watch as I had to manually enter the putts quantity.  It seems to happen if  previous shot is soft (sand or long rough) rather than clean with the vibration going through the wrist.