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Linking Garmin In App Profile with Garmin Account

I have just bought a new Garmin watch (s40) to replace my existing (s20). In order to get the updates on the new watch I had to download and set up a Garmin account (via Garmin Express). Now I can't find a way to get the Garmin online dashboard linked to the profile I already have set up in my Garmin apps.

The phone apps don't seem to have an email address associated, rather just a user name, the online dashboard doesn't give a user name based way to log in, rather just the email. There doesn't seem to be a way of joinng the two on either! Can anyone help?

I have all my historic stats against the 'user name' account version, but keen to be able to use the online account management too.

Hopefully this makes sense and someone can shed light.



  • The username is attached to an email too. If you are unsure what email address, please reach out to our Golf Product Support team and they can help you identify the correct account. You will then use that one account when signing into Garmin Connect in Garmin Express when adding your Approach S40 and in the various Garmin APPS you use.