G80 Club Performance and Data

I know there are plenty of people asking for the same requests I am about to type here but I'd like to make my requests as supporting the others and their idea.  With so many other devices out there that collect individual data on clubs and their performance while playing I'm curious as to why this Garmin G80 is lacking in this department.  As a 1 handicap golfer and golf fanatic I bought this device for two reasons, one the name, Garmin is in my opinion a staple in the GPS industry and I have used them for 20 plus years with very little negative to say about Garmin.  The support I have received from Garmin is as good as it gets period.  The second reason is I wanted a device that would parallel my Bushnell Range Finder and it does just that giving me more detail to greens and fairways I can't shoot with my laser rangefinder.  But I'm a little disappointed in the fact you cannot track clubs and the yardage for each club from your round.  I warm up using the training simulator and capture my tempo and yardages to get me ready for the round ahead but it would be nice to incorporate a club for the warm up and save the data so you can track your overall yardages.  I also would like to see a shot tracking capability that would allow you to select a club or even be recommended a club for the yardage in front of you then compare the distances and shots post round. Don't get me wrong the device does a great job at the GPS part and the training aspect but is lacking in the overall "getting more dialed in and refined" part of my game.  I would love to be able to save yardages to select clubs and have the device recommend that club for that yardage based on previous rounds played.  I don't want to get redundant and repeat myself over and over again but think the device is in need of an update in this department to make it truly worth the $500 dollars we all paid for the device.  Would I buy it again? Yes. Am I happy with the device? Yes.  But please consider adding club details in the future. Thanks