Why can you not discount a shot towards your average length

I have just purchased the CT10 sensors to go with my S60 watch. I have played one round and am happy with most of it. However I do not see where you can discount a shot from your average distance. For example hit the trees with Driver on 1st so went 50 yards less than normal, then hit a 4 iron with a half swing under the trees so deliberately hit it 80 yards less than normal. It also seems to count chip/ pitch shots from around the green in average distance, I hit one 6 iron which was a low running pitch that went 76 yards so average for 6 iron is now 76 yards yet 7 iron average is 179.

I see you can go in and delete shots which I have done but it then looks like if you delete a pitch shot (e.g your 3rd shot) then it shows that your previous shot (2nd shot) actually hit the green so messes up the stat for that shot as well.

The only way I can see to get round this is to basically delete all shots on the hole.

The app lets you edit shots surely there should be an option to put in type of shot eg. pitch, chip etc so they would not count towards your average distance and also a tick box for when you do not want to include a shot in your average distance e.g hit a tree or obstacle that stopped the ball going anywhere near the distance it would have.

The shot tracking is very good but it looks like it will give a totally skewed average distance which is the purpose I bought the sensors for. I am looking for average of full swings, for example it has my 58 degree wedge average at 39 yards because I hit it around the green and out bunkers, which is of no use I only want to know average of full swing (should be in the region of 90 - 100 yards), I know that I can hit it less than that yardage with a half swing. 

Obviously playing more rounds will give a better reflection of real averages for clubs but not if it is counting shots that I am hitting intentionally at less than full power.

  • I agree! I love that you can track your distances for each club but I would love it even more if you could at least select what type of shot you were trying to hit.  I would say that punch and chip shots would be the most I would use. I also would like to know more about how the averages are calculated, if there are some statistical anomalies that omitted from your averages as the original post states for those rare misses. 

  • I tried setting up a new club and later allocate the shots to that club. For example my 8 Iron appears as normal but I also have in my "GEAR" section another 8 Iron I call Chip8. After a round I change the 8 iron chip shots to Chip8. Bit of a work around but at least it don't affect you club distance records. I need now to enter a few other clubs that I regularly choke down for approach or chips

  • I have ended up adding an additional club and called it fake shot and go in at the end of the round and change all shots where I have hit the trees, punch shots etc. Though I would much prefer if it had a punch/pitch/not full shot option.

  • I agree, if you are within 10 yards of the green, there should be a way to set up clubs as EXEMPT. For example, you set up 5,6,7,8 as exempt from averages around the green. Then those shots won't count towards your average. Another way this could be done is if the software just pulls out outliers. If you hit your 8 iron 10 times in a round at the usual 140yd, but 2 shots are outliers at 12 yds and one at 42yds, then those shots shouldn't count towards your average. You could extend that to your FLIERS as well, lets say you EDGE your 8 iron and it goes 175 yds, it should be also removed.