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Displaying Tracks on

I try to spend as little time on the Garmin website as I can because, frankly, I think it's one of the worst designed websites I've come across. But I occasionally have to use it to clear out old tracks.

That's important to me because I use my Mini as a safety tool: it tracks my motorcycle rides and is intended to offer information to my wife if I have an accident and can't initiate communication myself. To do that I need to have an uncluttered map so I like to keep the track log clear of all but the most recent trips. That's surprisingly difficult to do. I have to select each track separately, click delete, and then confirm the deletion. There's no "clear all" or "clear selected" option that I can see. And, of course, the website occasionally gets bollixed up and  you have to reload it.

But in the course of doing this housekeeping I noticed something odd: none of the tracks display in the map window! Which does, even more weirdly, shift around as you select different tracks. So it clearly "knows" the details of a track. But no track shows up.

Is there a setting I'm missing to display a selected track? I tried searching the Garmin support site but it was typically useless, offering help that didn't correspond to the site's user interface.