Can we have a metric worldwide cache for Maps on Garmin Explore Website?

Hey guys,

As some of you may know, the maps on the Garmin Explore Website display elevation contour lines in feet even when you select metric in your unit preferences. This has been explained a couple of times as a decision Garmin has made to use one worldwide cache for Maps on the website. While this may not seem like a bother for many Americans, it's incredibly frustrating for literally the rest of the world.

If I'm planning a hike, the Garmin Explore Website is basically useless for me and I'm forced to connect my device and use the BaseCamp application. If I'm on a different computer then the application is not installed and I have to jump onto OpenStreet Maps to get a good look at elevation. For a company that's trying to be Global and aim for other markets, I find this completely unfair and unacceptable, especially after spending the amount of money I have on a device.

Having a separate cache or using vectors for your maps is not difficult, many other mapping websites do it, and they do it for free. So why am I paying for a service that I can't utilise?