Is it me or is Garmin's software a mess right now?

I have a 5x Plus, and I bought it for trail/ultra running.

So I'd like to be able to plot a track, mark points on it for food/water stops or checkpoints etc.

So (at least as far as the Web side is involved)


Not very good at plotting tracks, but will create waypoints. Import a route created elsewhere - no elevation profile. Syncing to watch is a bit painful


Better at plotting tracks, but no waypoint/checkpoint support. Sync's very easy

So right now I have to create a track in Connect, import it into to Explore, add the waypoints I need, delete the track and just sync the waypoints to my watch, and then use Connect to export the route/track to my watch,

Is it me, or is this a little absurd - or is there a better way?

Been using Basecamp but thats got even worse plotting capability than the other 2.

EDIT: I meant track not route. My fault for being semantically unclear!

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