Explore ap for IOS clutters GPS66I

When I connect the Explore ap to my GPS66I data (tracks & waypoints) from the phone pushes onto the GPS internal storage.

I want the data on the GPS to remain uncluttered ie no OLD tracks/waypoints DL'd from the phone. Is there a way to have the data transfer one way only, from the GPS TO the phone ap (not vise versa). Best situation would be if I plot a new waypoint on the Explore ap only that NEW data would upload to the GPS.

Is there a way to clear the Explore ap data before each use? Any ideas folks?

  • The Explore app is "synchronizing" to the 66i, which is a two way communication. I don't know of a way to easily make it one way only.

    You seem to contradict yourself, do you want one way only from the GPS to the phone (which you wrote first) or send waypoint from Explore app to 66i (which you wrote later)?

    Basically, a way to accomplish either one way communication is to tap "Devices" at bottom of Explore app screen. Next tap "Synch Settings". Ensure "Synch Selection" is chosen. Ensure a Primary Collection is designated. This will be where data goes from 66i to the app. Turn off all other Collections listed below that. You can notice that the Primary Collection is not listed and can't be turned off. This ensures that only data from that one collection gets synched to the 66i.

    If there is old data in the Primary Collection that you don't want to send to the 66i, tap "Library" at bottom of app screen, and select your Primary Collection. After it opens, you can select individual tracks, waypoints, etc. to delete prior to synching with the 66i. To delete, tap the "..." at upper right of screen and select "Delete".

  • Hey thanks, purging the old data library on the IOS device was beneficial. Now I just have to make sure that info isn't replaced when synced back to the GPS66i.- thats the contradiction.

  • If working like I think it should, the synch should realize your most recent change (the purge on the app) and when you synch to 66i, it should purge the device.