Explore GPX Import Treats Track Segments Separately On IOS

 have a Garmin Instinct watch. I download GPX files and use another app offline to combine tracks in those GPX files together. The app changes the GPX file from having multiple tracks, each with a single track segment to one track with many track segments. I then export this file to my Garmin Explore on Android app and sync to my watch. This workflow has worked great so far. The Explore App on Android creates a single collection with a single route inside, which is what I would expect. Without the step to combine tracks, each track becomes a separate route in the collection. On IOS, the same GPX file behaves differently. Each track segment becomes a different route on IOS even though the separate track segments are combined into the same route on Android. As an example, you can see this file, which has five or six track segments in a single track. It behaves differently if you import it in Garmin Explore in IOS vs Android. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JYPP7mfHQwyho3eCWDZq6AeElLcPxsoz/view?usp=sharing

I'm really not sure how to make the IOS Garmin Explore app treat the track segments in the same track together like the Android app does. Could you provide me some help or file a bug with the IOS Garmin Explore developer team about this?