Satellite imagery

It would be much appreciated if satellite imagery were a option in the mobile app. The new TopoActive was a little upgrade here in Norway, but it is not good enough to view any detail. I use an iPad for planing routes in Garmin Explore, but the website does not work very well with touchscreen, therefore I have to use the app. I would happily pay for BirdsEye, if that was an option.

  • Hello, you will not get birdseye satellite imagery. However, if you are within the United States you can use Color Aerial imagery. Outside of the US though unfortunately there is not an option for this map set. 

  • Why? Would be great to see Garmin support more maps for their customers outside the US. Here in Australia, we have many online map resources for each state that are freely available to use online or printed and even use as a WMS or WTS or even download the tiles as MB tiles or similar. Surely that can be an option for the app? either download tiles within the app or allow us to do our own custom maps and import them into the app? 

    Regards, Craig. 

  • Also now with the Garmin Tread app for IOS there is Birdseye layers and a better topo map ??? Why is this not available in the other Garmin apps? 

    When will all of these apps become one with all map layers as an option? I just don't understand the path. I have an InReach mini, with an as advertised "Marine Bundle" yet there is no option for my marine charts in my Active Captain app to be used in my Garmin Earthmate app or the ability to use my InReach in the Active Captain app ???